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Zero Day Detect [ZDD]

Zero Day Detect [ZDD] is a unique, accelerated, big data, threat analytics appliance for advanced threat detection on networks of all sizes. Incredible analysis speeds of up to 8TB per hour, we have confidentiality at the heart of our service by bringing the compute to the data to avoid any confidentiality concerns or cloud security issues.


Normally offered as a "Service", typical engagements can be from 2 days to several weeks, dependant upon size of organisational infrastructure. Proof of Concepts welcomed.


Zero Day Detect Summary:-


High throughput

• Up to 8TB/hour in our mobile unit & also available in 4U rack form


Simple to operate

• Preload the Cyber Threat Intelligence feed, point at the log archive & hit run

• Advanced visualisations and query engine to provide instant analysis & feedback

• Automated Reports with full customisation


Comprehensive checks, regularly maintained threat intel database:


• Domain IOC

• SQL Injection

• Adaptable with new threat types


Advanced features

• Automatic client threat report generation

• Anomaly detection – “unknown unknowns”

• Log summarisation for downstream phase 2 attacks

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Contact us

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t:   020 329 07451

e:   [email protected]


Snail mail:


6 Sinderson Meadows, Newark Road, LINCOLN, Lincs, LN6 9NY



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