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The founders bring in experience gained from full military intelligence careers, leveraging a unique combination of “hands on” experience together with the latest tools and techniques. Cyberint brings to the market a focussed intelligence deliverable operating across the Cyber and Electronic Warfare domains.


Cyber Threat Intelligence Offering


Our new 2016 offering is based around actionable and specific "Cyber Threat Intelligence" providing access for our clients to discover specific, targeted threats against their organisation.


Intelligence Management System (IMS)


The new to market Intelligence Management System complements our Open Source Threat, EW & Intelligence product suite and has focus on the operational & training deliverables, having the following functionality:


• Cyber Threat Intelligence Management System

• Communications & Electronic Intelligence ( COMINT & ELINT) Systems

• Human Intelligence (HUMINT) System  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) System

• Criminal Intelligence (CrimInt) System  • Integrated Mapping & Communication Portals


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6 Sinderson Meadows, Newark Road, LINCOLN, Lincs, LN6 9NY



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