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Cyber & Incident Response

Cyber security is now on almost all board agendas and frequently placed at the top. The consequences of a breach or compromise can be disastrous to an organization’s financial position and indeed, reputation.


The mode of attack has also become much more sophisticated. Many of the more recent cyber-attacks have used publicly available information to ‘lure’ insiders into a trap.


As is common, organizations spend huge amounts of their cybersecurity budgets on traditional perimeter defences, whilst at the same time, neglecting the real task at hand which is to detect and stop attackers after they “break” into systems.  Once the system is compromised, the attacker more or less owns the system. Whilst organizations shouldn’t ignore perimeter defence, it is now abundantly clear that they should also invest in more “pro-active” activities and solutions that detect attackers inside networks and discover any potential Indicators of Compromises (IoCs). Our approach at Cyber Intelligence is to provide advanced cyber solutions, enabling our clients to focus on people and processes and provide the "Cyber Resilience" needed by all organisations.


Cyber Incident Response


Cyber Intelligence now offers an Incident Response service. We help clients from public to private - large to small - to isolate, contain, recover and move to business as usual.


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